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My metamorphosis

A story of Local Response by Asha from Chrysalide

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My name is Asha. I live at Bambous Mauritius. I relate my story of change as a title “Metamorphosis.

I have grown up in a small family and there was a way of living associated to our small family unit. I then married into a family of 15, and it was difficult for me to integrate it. And theirs was another way of living. When I had a son, I had to raise him as my in-laws wanted me to. Then I fell into depression and sought a job to have a better life. I came to Chrysalide without knowing what they do here. I applied for the job of finance clerk, but then here I started to learn the way of living in a community. This job enables me to live and give my son a better education by changing his school, and for me also life has improved, as I have realized my dream to have my own home, to have my driving license and even plan to have a second child.

When I had the willingness to change things and to recognize that change is possible, then I could reach my objective.