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Sacrifice to save

A story of Local Response by Rafique from the Constellation

The dozen staff of Champion Care Homes have on their own initiative sacrificed to save money for the Home. They have initiated, planned and completed many crucial tasks. For example, staff of Champion Care Homes have built 3,000 square feet of lawns where only building waste existed before. In addition, staff have negotiated, supervised and laid 3 km of telephone line, built an incinerator, a rapid sand filter and a bio-gas, and waste-management plant thus saving about 8,000 US dollars for the Home.

Moreover, the staff on their own initiative took on cost-cutting measures such as volunteering on hospital referrals, night duties, care of residents, although these are not their responsibilities. They thus save the home from being deeply in debt.

When people took ownership of a challenge, we found that they took initiatives to move towards their dream.

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