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To touch more people I will share my experience

A story of Local Response by Cindy from AILES

As a former drug addict, I have been through difficult stages in my life. Since the birth of my two children, I have had the desire to change. When AILES was formed, I became a volunteer and a coordinator in the association. I also had the opportunity to be supported by the coordinator of AILES. She encouraged me and gave me the opportunity to work as a Peer Educator. My landlord and my neighbours complained this. But my coordinator supported me by saying that no one needed to know my story, what matters is the work I do.

Her support and encouragement helped me to achieve my dream of working in the social sector.

For me it is clear that I am learning a lot and I continue to learn. But today I also transfer my experience to other Peer Educators so that we can work together. There are so many things to do in our community. I cannot do everything myself. I cannot make a photocopy of myself, so I share and transfer what I learn with others, like Nadia. I support and encourage the Peer Educators.

When I felt supported and when I recognised my experiences and strengths, I understood that I could share these with others to develop a collective response to the challenge of drugs.

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