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Sports can make differences invisible

A story of Local Response by Arvesh from Flacq disabled centre

Two years ago, I brought 6 disabled children, aged from 3 to 6 years, to a pre-primary school or kindergarten. Five of them were intellectually disabled and one of them was physically disabled. I arranged for the children to interact through sports and games. They played basketball, bowling and petanque (sometimes known as bocce).

The children played in teams made up of equal numbers of disabled and non-disabled children They were all very happy during the activities. They played together in teams, communicated with each other and made friends.

I was very surprised to see the instant interaction between the children. The children of the pre-primary school did not see any difference between themselves and the disabled children. They had a positive attitude towards the children with disability. The disabled children also enjoyed themselves a lot and did not see themselves as different from others.

I personally think that this kind of activity has helped to change the negative stereotypes towards disability at the earliest age, so that we should do more sports and games in the community.

When disabled children took part in sports with other children, the disabled children stopped seeing themselves as different from others.

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