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A new support group

A story of Local Response by Rachel from Chrysalide

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When we’re here [at Chrysalide], we realize that the girls who are here are living through what we’re living through, and that their presence is perhaps just as important to us getting better as the staff’s.

The thing is, when you’re outside and you’re deep in these bad habits [drug use], you hang out with people who share your bad habits, and are just as deeply in as you are.

When you come here, though, you become surrounded by girls who have gone through similar ordeals as you, and so they understand where you’re coming from, but there’s one more important thing: they all want to get out of it! Now that is what is really helpful. What that creates is a genuine support group, people who can remind you where you’ve come from, why you’re going through the sometimes painful process of detox, and remind you of your goals.

Here, there are also girls with even more experience than us, and those are the ones I usually seek out for advice and support. They’re my sisters really, a new family.

When we recognised that others had lived through experiences similar to our own and that they shared our aspirations, then we sought them out for advice and support and to learn from them.

Contact details:
Rachel (Chrysalide)
Facebook: Rachel Fred
Phone: (+230) 54760611 (her mother’s number)