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The right to dream

A story of Local Response by Aniele from Le Pont du Tamarinier


I am a volunteer at a community that brings together people with a disability.

In this house, there was a young man who was struggling to adjust to his new life. He found that he had great difficulty in adapting to this world because he was a young man surrounded by much older people. He was only 20 years while nearly everyone else there was around 40 years old.

He did not make any friends: he didn’t get along with anyone and his personal history caused him to be angry with his world.

Because of his lack of independence, for him, everything was complicated.

When I began to make SALT visits to this community. I realized that these people did not dare to dream or even to talk about their hopes.

Finally, this young man summoned up the courage to speak of his dream, which was to join other young people at a weekend retreat. Above all, his wish was to spend some time with other young people. And so finally, he fulfilled his dream by participating in this weekend.

On his return, the residents of the community were astonished to see the change of attitude in this young man. The change was so great that they said he should go again. Today, Kevin is a young man with friends, who gets along with others and is completely at ease in the community.

On two occasions now, he has been able to attend a short break with other young people.

I have been amazed to see how Kevin could identify his dream, how he dared to talk about it and how this made it happen. I have been even more amazed at the change in his behaviour that this produced.

When we helped a young man to move towards his dream, he was transformed.

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