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Dreams can pull us toward the good and away from the bad

A story of Local Response by Sebastien de Le Pont du Tamarinier

I would like to talk about one guy in my NGO, Le Pont du Tamarinier. I have only been working here for 3 weeks. And in that time I have seen many changes in the village. First, is the guy whose name is Dillan. This haircut has the symbol of Dillan on my head. He is a hair dresser. Dillan is a guy who has many inspirations, but he has not had the opportunity to go further. 

So I went to speak to him and said, “Dillan, if you want to be a professional hairdresser, you have to get your dream in your hand.” First of all, I asked him if he wanted to go further. And he said yes. But where, I asked him. You can see my house here. There is a coconut tree here. I want to put my saloon here. I said I would just talk to people in the NGO because I am new here. And when I spoke to my colleagues, they said that there was a project for Dillan’s saloon. So they were working on getting some money to get a saloon for Dillan. And this made Dillan very happy. So now every day, I see Dillan and he is always working on the internet to discover new designs and new styles. Now he wants to put face of people on the back of the heads. 

In Dillan’s village, there are many young people who go directly to drugs and alcohol. But he told me that I like to do this because I don’t want to join the drug problem in my village. I want to let them know that I have my dream in my hand. I will show them that I can go further. So even if there is a problem here at my house, I will show my family and I will show the people who cause the drugs problem that I can go further, that I can build my dream in my head. 

"So having the dream is part of the tools that you need not to fall into alcoholism or drugs. In the Constellation we talk about the dream as about going somewhere. What you are saying is that dream makes sure that you don’t go somewhere bad".

“When we had our dream, it moved us towards the good and away from the bad”