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From disability to ability

A story of Local Response by Jean-Noel from Le Pont du Tamarinier

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with adults who had learning disabilities back in the UK. Many of the service users needed the support and guidance of the staff to enable them to make decisions for their daily, basic needs.

However, my job was to also support them to achieve their dreams and goals. Their dreams could be anything from going on holiday to Disneyland to playing golf. In order for me to win their trust so that I could support and empower them to achieve their dreams, I had to respect them as human beings who had the same dreams and ambitions myself.

As a result, I had the pleasure of accompanying one of the service users to play golf every week, which was one of his dreams. I will never forget the joy and the smile on his face from the time we left his house until we came back.

When we treated people with the dignity and respect that they deserve, they understood that they can have a dream.