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Facing up to our fears

A story of Local Response by Loli from the Constellation

If we encounter fear, we must believe in our strengths and look to the future. This means that we must move forward. This morning we have heard stories that show that if we have the trust in people on the one hand and if we believe ourselves on the other, then we will succeed.

In one example, a mother told us the story of her daughter. She showed us that she believed in her daughter, even if it was not the same talents as the other children in the class. She said, "I know that my daughter is going to succeed. I need to support, to encourage, to stimulate and to appreciate her as a human being."

Just imagine. If a mother is able to do all this, then what can we do for our community? A single strength is enough. If I'm scared, I take my time and I feel I can make progress. I appreciate my strength and I move forward. Above all, it is important not to be afraid to move forwards.

For example, if you cannot swim, then you cannot jump into the water. However, we can put a life belt around us and we can begin to take small steps. We advance by taking small steps. Even if you have to advance with small steps, it is most important to recognise that we are a community and we have strengths. We are together and we have all the things that we need: humanity and heart. Yes, we also have our weaknesses, but we must also recognize that we have strengths.

So we must be aware that we have these strengths inside us. We must begin and we must continue!

"When we faced up to our fears, we were on the road to success.
Quand nous avons fait face à nos peurs, puis nous étions sur le chemin à notre réussite".