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Not differently abled, but better abled

A story of Local Response by Nathalie from Flacq Disabled Centre


I am the mother of a child that they call ‘differently abled’. I has never believed that because my child is 'differently abled', she will not have the same chances as the others. I have worked hard for my child to have the same chances. 

Today I am proud to say that my daughter is working in firm of lawyers. My daughter is very proud of me and says, “Mum, you helped me so much. And you gave me the belief that I can do what I want to do. And I am very able to do what I want to do." 

The differently abled are in fact better abled than we all are. With my experience, I want to give every child in the school the same opportunities. And I believe that these children have now become my children and that they can do the same. They can do what they want because they have the same inner strengths.

When I have treated these children as more capable than the rest of us, they have achieved their dream.