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The Music School

A story of Local Response by Diego from the Constellation

I am going to tell you a story that has really touched me. This person had a dream just as I have one. Indeed, I would like to build a school for children with social problems and who live in the street. I would also like to create a school of music and art because I am a musician.

This person impressed me so much because when started out to realize her dream, she had nothing. Her greatest passion was social work. She wanted to start a school but she did not have the resources to do that. However, she had a lot of strength, determination and a passion for social work. So she transformed her home into the school of her dreams.

It all began with a few students and she didn’t have enough money to pay the teachers. But with the help of the community, she was able to raise enough money to pay the teachers. She had a passion for society in general, but she had a particular passion for children who were physically and mentally handicapped.

Through her dreams and her perseverance, she managed to create her school in 1999. In 2009 she managed with the help of the government to move into a larger building. And with the help of the Ministry she was able to pay the salaries of her teachers.

The name of this woman is Anita. She is convinced of the importance of her work and she is passionate about what she does.

"With patience and conviction, she removed all of the barriers to the creation of the school."