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Emptying our bags

A story of Local Response by Jessica, Scinthia, Tracy and Rachel from Chrysalide

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Each one of us was speaking ill of one another without having the courage to be frank and say things upfront to the person in question. The atmosphere at the residence deteriorated every day because each of us found out what the other was saying about her through someone else, and it became unbearable.

Hypocrisy settled in, which stifled us. We were discouraged, and we even thought up of packing everything and leaving with our luggage in hand and / or "fleeing the situation and avoiding confrontation.

We felt so stifled by the situation that one of us made the decision to seek help with the staff. She asked for a meeting with all those concerned (4 of us), and so we gathered together to put "our cards on the table." One of the strategies the person thought of for the meeting was to ask for the support of a staff member to avoid a deterioration of our relationships and to ensure that we could truly listen to one another. For most things we thought we needed their support, and to guide us towards a solution.>

The same staff member listened to us without interrupting us and without judgment. She let us “empty our bags” (of emotions) and at the end it paid off, we felt so relieved and encouraged to continue our journey together, so that now we can finish our therapy program.

We had an experience of reconciliation and strong emotion - we also found within ourselves listening skills and the ability to receive what others have to say to us.

Now we are a strong team, determined to move forward to achieve our goals.

When we ‘emptied our bags’ of our emotions, frustrations and anger, we felt relieved and encouraged to continue our journey together.

Contact details

Jessica (Chrysalide)
Facebook: Jessica Brutus Emma
(+230) 58245093

Scintia Petit (Chrysalide)
Facebook: Scintioux petit
(+230) 54916640

Tracy (Chrysalide)
Facebook: Tracy Allas
(+230) 57100672

Rachel (Chrysalide)
FB name: Rachel Fred
(+230) 54760611 (her mother’s number)

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