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My museum of the heart

A story of Local Response by Scinthia from Chrysalide

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Me, I firmly believe in the ability of every human person to find in herself/himself the strength to move forward.

Take me for example. Like all the other girls here, I decided to come here seeking help to get out of drug use, and it was not an easy decision. Life is so hard sometimes when we feel that disoriented.

But I think the power of intention can take us a long way. For instance, I recently realized that this is a practice that I have: I create my own "inner museum" in my heart.

In this museum, I hang up carefully selected paintings. These are paintings of the bright moments of joy, those times when I felt fully alive, and I understood the importance of living this life to the fullest! Obviously my life is also full of dark paintings, and I do not pretend they do not exist. I look at them, but I choose not to hang them up, because they are not the ones who will give me strength. Joy is what gives me strength and energy to move forward.

I visit this museum on my difficult days, the days when Scinthia wants to give up. And then I remember that we are mere passengers of this life, on this Earth, and that the most important thing is to remember the beautiful footprints that we could leave there. So, my confidence is boosted, and the flame of hope rekindled: the journey is not over.

If we practice gratefulness and exert our willpower to remember the things that make us strong, no matter the setbacks and challenges, we can stay driven and motivated which gives us further momentum to reach for our dreams.

When I visited my Museum of the Heart, my confidence was boosted, my hope was rekindled and I understood that the journey was not over.

Contact details:
Facebook name: Scintioux petit
Phone number : 54916640