Math Contest

MNCCS hosts math contest series

Dear parents

Thank you for signing up 2022 ~ 2023 math contests series hosted by MNCCS (joined with Northville middle schools). Based on the survey, we would like to host the following competitions:

  1. MOEMS (Mathematics Olympiad for Elementary & Middle School Students) - This is a series of five contests, from November through March, each with five questions, and have a time limit of 30 min.


Friday 11/18/2022 6:40-7:10
Friday 12/09/2022 6:40-7:10
Friday 01/13/2023 7:10-7:40
Friday 02/10/2023 7:10-7:40
Friday 03/10/2022 6:00-6:30

Location: Meads Mill Middle School Fish Bowl.
Cost: $10 (for all 5 contests)

There are two grade-appropriate divisions:
Division E (grades 4-5)
Division M (grades 6-8)

  1. CJMC (Canadian Jay Math Competition): This is a new (as of 2020) Canadian math competition open to students in grades K-8, with questions based primarily on grade 5-8 curriculum. This competition has been created by mathematicians from across Canada. This problem is meant to be a fun fall activity for students and teachers to complement their math curriculum and build students’ problem solving skills. The competition has 15 questions which take place over 90 minutes. It consists of 3 blocks of 5 questions with an increasing level of difficulty from beginning to end.

Time: Thursday 11/17/2022 6:15-8:00
Meads Mill Middle School Think Tank
Cost: $20

  1. AMC8 (American Math Competitions for 8th grade and below) – The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills.

Time: Thursday, 1/19/2023 7:00-8:00
Meads Mill Middle School Cafeteria
Cost: $10

  1. Math Kangaroo is an annual international math competition for primary and secondary school students. It is the largest math competition in the world with more than 6 million participants annually, from over 80 countries. Math Kangaroo is a 75-minute multiple-choice test: 24 questions (grades 1 - 4) and 30 questions (grades 5 - 12). Most questions are word problems; they are chosen by The International Math Kangaroo Committee annually. Each registered student has free access to online video solutions for questions from previous years. Each participant receives a T-shirt, an electronic certificate, and a gift. If you are new to Math Kangaroo please read Math Kangaroo History.

Time: Thursday, 3/16/2023 6:30-8:00
Northville High School Cafeteria
Cost: $21 by Dec.15, 2022 (through online registration described below)

This is a self-register contest and the fee paid to Math Kangaroo directly, the steps are:
a. Go to
b. Login with your login and password or establish your user account if you are new.
c. Click on the tab By Invitation.
d. Copy and paste this code in the
field Invitation Code: MINORTH0002001@2023MK
e. Do not share the code with anyone
f. You are ready to register. Screenshot tutorial here:
Registration for Private Center.

Once your child is registered, you can enjoy free Math Kangaroo video solutions and access full questions and solutions sets with 50% off. Instructions on how to find the discount code
Important: After you receive the registration confirmation email from Math Kangaroo, review the email to make sure all information is accurate. If something needs correction, update the registration or email

  1. Possible: COMC (The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge) is Canada’s premier national mathematics competition open to any student with an interest in and grasp of high school math. The COMC is the only way to be invited to the Canada's free, exclusive training camps and compete internationally as part of Math Team Canada! For more information, please visit here.
    Time: 10/27 for 2.5 hours
    Location: TBD
    Cost: estimated to be $30
    It is required to have at least 8 students participating this contest, the registration deadline is 10/23. If you are interested to participate this contest, please contact me directly ( before 10/21.

MNCCS will collect the costs for these math contests (Except for Math Kangaroo), please go to MNCCS office (Liberal Arts Building, Room 420, Schoolcraft College) for registration on Sunday (12pm to 5pm) before 10/31, and pay the applicable costs to the on-duty administrators. Please pay with cash only.