MNCCS 2017-2018 School Year Registration Ready

Post date: Jun 26, 2017 3:34:11 AM

After a couple of months of intense work, the school's registration system is finally good enough to accept general registration. Because email is very important to ensure proper communication, a special step is needed in the registration process. To sum it up, please follow the 4 steps to ensure a successful registration.


Four steps to register for new user:

1. Register a new ID

2. Confirm the ID with the email that follows

3. Login to the web site, register student

4. Register class

1. 注册一个新ID

2. 从邮件链接确认新ID

3. login 网站,注册学生

4. 注册课程

Please be advised that the first school day is on Sunday, 9/10/2017. The annual tuition fee and the registration fee remains the same. And the early registration discount ends on 8/26/2017.

Since the old registration information was lost, any new registration has to follow the steps listed below. Should you have any questions about the registration system, please contact Changsi Chen

Special thanks goes to Cindy Miao (欣然) for her leadership in the efforts to being the registration system to reality. A big thanks for Junxiong (Ban) Ye (叶俊雄) for his dedication. He's the main developer of the registration system. The thanks also goes to Panpan, Jennifer Xu and Changsi Chen for their efforts to ensure flawless operation of the registration system.

--- By Zhe Kong