Michigan New Century Chinese Center (MNCCC) is an equal opportunity Organization which provides support to the education of the Chinese language and culture. It is the center's policy of zero tolerance against discrimination on the basis of race, age, and sexual orientation with respect to admissions, use of facilities, faculty and scholarship.

MNCCC is a non-profit organization registered with 501(c)(3) status, with its main objectives of teaching Chinese language, promoting Chinese culture and providing these related services to the general public.

Michigan New Century Chinese School (MNCCS) is part of the MNCCC, also a member of the Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS). 

MNCCS’s core mission revolves around three key pillars: imparting the richness of the Chinese language, fostering an appreciation for Chinese culture, and extending these invaluable services to the wider community.

With a legacy spanning over 23 years, MNCCS has remained a steadfast educational beacon, guiding more than 300 students along their language and cultural journey. The institution boasts an exceptional team of over 30 accomplished Chinese language and culture teachers.

MNCCS offers an extensive curriculum encompassing grades K-10, thoughtfully designed to cater to a diverse range of learners. Kindergarteners embark on their Chinese language adventure by mastering the fundamentals of Chinese Pinyin. Meanwhile, our Grades 1-10 students follow a well-regarded curriculum, based on the Zhong Wen textbooks developed by Jida Chinese Academy. Additionally, our Grade 10 class diligently prepares students for the HSK exam and the Chinese SAT II.

Recognizing the needs of families without native Chinese speakers at home, MNCCS offers bilingual classes spanning four proficiency levels. This inclusive approach ensures that every student, irrespective of their linguistic background, can engage with Chinese language and culture.

Beyond the classroom, MNCCS thrives on cultural diversity. Throughout the school year, MNCCS offers a captivating array of cultural classes, including dance, music, painting, chess, martial arts, Yoyo, and Yoga. The students eagerly participate and showcase their talents at local community events and international festivals, where we celebrate and promote cultural diversity.

MNCCS is not just about language and culture; we are also deeply committed to nurturing young minds in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The math and Academic Games programs offer top-tier education, creating an environment that kindles curiosity and hones problem-solving and leadership skills.

Established in January 2000, MNCCS is guided by a dedicated board of directors and efficiently operated by a passionate administrative team. These individuals are volunteers, many of whom are parents of the students. The school's operational costs, which cover classroom rentals, teacher salaries, and essential expenses, are met through tuition fees and generous donations from our community.

MNCCS firmly believes in the strength of community involvement. Parents of MNCCS students play an active role in sharing expenses, administration, and various duties. Moreover, high school students willingly volunteer their time to assist in teaching and school operations. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in fostering the growth and success of MNCCS over the years.

MNCCS is more than an educational institution; MNCCS is a vibrant community that thrives on learning, cultural exchange, and shared experiences. At MNCCS, we celebrate the beauty of the Chinese language and culture while preparing our students for a diverse and interconnected world. Together, we are shaping the leaders and global citizens of tomorrow.

For more information about MNCCC, please send email to info@mnccs.org.

A brief video about MNCCS.