Four steps to register for new user:

1. Register a new ID
2. Confirm the ID with the email that follows
3. Login to the web site, register student
4. Register class


1. 注册一个新ID
2. 从邮件链接确认新ID
3. login 网站,注册学生
4. 注册课程

Due to a system bug,  if you cancel a class (language class), it will refund $370 instead of $380. If this happened to you, feel free to deduct the amount and make the proper payment accordingly. If you've  already made the payment and is impacted by the bug, please be sure to seek refund after the third session of the school year.


For tuition payment, check or money order is acceptable. Please make it payable to MNCCS and mail it to:

P.O. Box 1078
Novi, MI 48376

Online QuickPay or Zelle is also acceptable and is preferred. Please use when making the payment.

Be sure to write your registration ID on it, for example ID 123, or #123 or 123. ID123 is not preferred.

Please contact Zhe Kong ( or visit  the contact page for more assistance. You can also post your question on the WeChat group.

Registration and Policies

Section I: Registration Policies

Section II: Code of conduct for Parents

Section III: Code of conduct for For Students

Section IV: Liability Waiver

My child(ren) has my permission to participate in MNCCS (Michigan New Century Chinese School )  learning activities. I agree to the responsibilities stated above. I will not hold Michigan New Century Chinese School, or any of its regular personnel and volunteer workers liable for injury, accidents, illness or other unexpected things that may occur during school hours and other school activities. I have read and understand the forgoing statements. I agree to ensure the responsibility stated above and waive all claims indicated. 

If my student is under 13 years old, I also agree to read through the COPPA PARENTAL CONSENT FORM, download the form, sign it, and email it back to

To enhance my child(ren)'s learning experience, I give my permission for teachers to record classroom sessions when needed. These photos/videos will be used for MNCCS's educational purposes only. 

Section V: School administration Rights

The school administration reserves the rights to adjust or further clarify all related policies above, and/or to take any further actions when needed.

The above policies were effective since the school established in the year of 2000. Last updated on November 5, 2006, and then revised on June 26, 2018.

Registration FAQ

Q. I created a new account. But the I can't login with the username and password. 

A. Please check the confirmation email when you create a new account and follow the instruction. 

Q. What classes do you offer? 

A. The school offers various Chinese classes for both with or without Chinese language background. The school also offers various culture classes such as dance, choir, painting and karate. For a complete list, please visit the Class Schedule page.

Q. What's the typical class size? 

A. Depends on the class, in general there is a limit of 20 or 15 students. It is online teaching, then it's expected to be around 10.

Q. For which class I should register? 

A. If the student can understand spoken Chinese, it's recommended to attend one of the classes from Chinese Kindergarten to Grade 10, since the classroom language is Chinese. Otherwise, choose one of the Chinese for English Speaking classes. As to which exact class you should register. You can check out the textbook (see more info below) if it's available, then come a bit early before the class starts, talk to the teacher, then try out a couple of classes. You want the the class to be not too easy and not too difficult, so that you can keep a steady pace and expand your language proficiency.

Q. Should I be concerned about my age, as I might be too "old" compared to my classmates?

A. Age should not be a concern. Keep in mind that your objective is to learn the language.

Q. What's the textbook for the language classes? 

A. For the Chinese language classes, from Chinese Kindergarten to Grade 12, the textbook is ZhongWen by JiNan University. You can find more information at For all other classes, the textbook varies, see your teacher for details.

Q. Do I need to buy textbook? 

A. For the Chinese language classes, from Chinese Kindergarten to Grade 12, the textbook is NOT included in the tuition. It will be available for you to purchase at the start of the first class. For all other classes, the textbook varies, you will have to purchase it based on your teacher's recommendation.

Q. How to cancel a class? 

A. While you're at the registration web page, click on the class that you want to cancel. This will pop up a pull down list. Then select "Please Select One" at the top of that list. Once everything is OK, click on the push button "Submit Registration".

Q: Is the fees the total for the whole year? 

A: Yes.

Q: What's multiple students discount? 

A: Within a family, when register together, excluding the one student with the most tuition, all the rest of the student(s) will have 10% tuition and registration fee discount.

Q: Where can I find my registration prior to 5/12/2020? 

A: Due to the crash of the old web site, all the registration was lost. If you've already registered before 5/12/2020, please follow the above link and re-registrar. Any registration from previous years are also lost. The registration will have to be re-entered. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.