MNCCS Shines at Canton Chinese Spring Festival

Post date: Mar 19, 2017 7:13:11 PM

Canton City 的2017年春节庆祝活动于2011年11月3日(星期六)在Village剧院成功举行。 我校各个校委会成员积极加入组委会,协助策划,装修,设计活动主题。 我们学校还设置了展示台,展示了多种中国文化。 尤其是我们独特的中文互动赢得了大量观众的兴趣。

我们的学生和成人在表演也是舞台上最亮眼和独特的。中国空竹,洗衣舞, 中国古典服装完美的结合了时装与舞蹈成为当晚最独特的表演之一。

衷心感谢吴彬 老师, 冯阳,张宁指导和积极参与帮忙的家长们。

By Cindy Miao. 照片提供: 叶海虹,晏兴国。


The 2017 Chinese Spring Festival was held at the Village Theater in Canton on Saturday, 3/11/2017. Led by vice principal Cindy Miao, our school joined the organization committee, helped with planning, decoration, and designed the theme for the event. Our school also setup display booth to show case the diverse Chinese culture. Our students and adults presented their best at the show.

    • Chinese Yo-Yo

    • Laundry Dance

    • The Lingering String Melody

    • Ancient Chinese Costume Performance & Dance

    • Ge Er Li Tai and Tin Quari

The Ancient Chinese Costume Performance & Dance was one of the most unique performance that evening.

Photo by Haihong Ye, Yingguo Yan