2109 Chess Tournaments

Post date: Feb 03, 2019 6:4:52 PM

首届MNCCS国际象棋比赛在1/27日下午圆满结束。此次共有29名小棋手参加了比赛。在All The King’s Men 教练们的组织和安排下,比赛过程紧张,进程顺利。本次参赛的小棋手水平普遍较高,最终有5名小棋手难分伯仲,并列第一。


Jan 27th, at the 1st MNCCS chess tournament, 5 chess players are co-championed. The tournament started to take the registration from 3:00 PM while the match began from around 3:30. The tournament used the Swiss System of Scoring that is where winners play winners for 3 rounds. Coaches from All the King’s Men Chess Club organized this tournament.

“The players are very good,” said Dr. Ed from All The King’s Men. “ It is really hard to decide who win the match with only 3 rounds”.

MNCCS apologizes to parents who have kids in the chess classes because not clear enough communication early. Mini-tournament is part of the chess class and all students don't want to join the matches should be around and watch other players to learn from them. Unfortunately, the longer registration process caused kids confused.

-- Leo Xie