Admin Guideline

Guidelines For Teachers

  1. Follow the contract agreement with MNCCS.

  2. Provide a syllabus for the class you will be teaching.

  3. Be prepared for each class, and get to class at least 5 minutes before it starts.

  4. Responsible to keep a pleasent and orderly learning classroom environment.

  5. Communicate with student parents and the school for any needs/help.

  6. Follow the decision made by the MNCCS school.

  7. Do NOT accept students without school permission.

Responsibilities of Front Desk Support/Administration Assistants

  1. Arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before the school starts.

  2. Check and make sure class rooms are unlocked, and turn on the lights.

  3. Set up tables and chairs for the front desk.

  4. Manage the Sign-in Sheet for the teachers and volunteers.

  5. Make sure ALL the teachers are available for their classes. If any class has no teacher at the beginning of the class, immediately inform the principal or Dean, meanwhile manage the class temporarily.

  6. Set up announcements to parents and teachers; Distribute announcements to teachers as required by the principals or board members.

  7. Set up common forms/suppliers, and DVD.

  8. Review the MNCCS Rules and Regulations, police the hall-ways and enforce rules, especially make sure nobody play with lockers, payphones, fire alarm switches, and vending machines.

  9. Ring bell to signal the start and end of each class session.

  10. At the end of the school day, make sure each room is in order and floor is reasonably clean; Turn off the computers (?) and lights.

  11. Help parents and students find class room, and answer their general questions;

  12. Help teachers with school forms.

  13. Each fall semester, text book/material sale, keep inventory and money.

  14. Manage Lost & Found.

  15. Report to the MNCCS principals/board members on issues and parents complaints.

  16. In the case of schedule conflict and unable to show up, inform the principal or person in charge at least two days in advance.

  17. General Work Ethics:

    • Comply with work schedule/Being Punctual;

    • Friendly;

    • Honest;

    • Being Responsible;

    • Respectful to others.

MNCCS WeChat Group Rules

【MNCCS家长群】 是为了新世纪中文学校快捷有效地交流而建立的信息平台, 欢迎所有校务管理人员,教师、家长和学生参加。为保此初衷, 方便管理,特制定以下群规。

1. 校务人员要求用实名,并且标明职务或者“校务”; 教师也要求用实名,标明“教师”;

家长和学生不要求实名,但是要在群名后加上自己在我校的注册号码 (这个号码是全家共用的,永久的,可以到网上登录查找, 或者到办公室查询,一劳永逸 !)

对于不适合进入本群者,或者已经离开我校的人员, 我校有权劝退或者删除。

2. 本群主要用于学校发布校务有关的安排和事项, 大家也可以就校务和教务有关的事项,疑问等, 提出咨询或者发表建议和讨论;

3. 凡是涉及学校政策,规则和校务安排一类的问题, 校委会专管人员会予以解答, 非专管人员切勿自行猜测或者越位擅答,以免传递错误信息。

4. 本群对于信息类别的要求还有:

* 不得在群里讨论与校务和中文教务无关的话题,如政治、时事、 宗教等;

* 涉及个人需求的信息,鼓励私聊,避免在大群里连续讨论;

*不得在群里发表非本校安排的广告或者带有销售目的和经济利益的 信息;



以上各条,敬望遵守。凡是违规者,第一次警告;连续不听警告者, 学校有权将其删除。