Welcome to 2017-2018 School Year

Post date: Sep 09, 2017 1:11:19 AM

Please make sure you will obey all the traffic rules while on campus.

0. Please walk on the walk way on school property, not on the grass.

1. Full stop at stop sign.

2. No parked vehicle at fire lane unattended.

3. Yield to children/pedestrian everywhere on campus.

4. No speeding (speed limit on campus is 15 mph).

5. No stop or drop off in the front of the LA building, Please park in the parking lot.

This Sunday, 9/10/2017, will be the first day. As with all the first school days:

0. The classrooms has been updated on the web.

1. Textbooks of Chinese Grade K to 10+ will be delivered to the classroom if tuition is paid.

2. Student assistants in the hallway can help.

3. School office is in room 465.

4. Parent waiting room in 425. It will be used for distributing textbooks this Sunday.

5. 退款事宜要等到第三周以后再处理