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MNCCS COVID-19 Waiver Form

All students and volunteers are required to sign the waiver of liability form to participant in MNCCS programs and activities. The form can be found here, please return it to your teacher or to the office.


MNCCS PVSA Application

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) recognizes individuals, families and groups who have achieved a certain standard — measured by the number of hours served over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime.

MNCCS is a certifying organization for these awards. Recipients can receive an official lapel pin, personalized certificate of achievement, and a congratulatory letter from the president of the United States.

Please fill the online form and follow the steps to submit your application. The application deadline will be 10/23, 2021.






1. 12:00的唱歌和空竹课的学生将在主入口(gate A, 南部正对停车场的)入本班教室。这几门课的同学如果接下来一点钟有中文课,请在教室等候,会有志愿者将同学带入相应教室。

2. 1:00pm 中文课学生请按照下图,分别从A,B,C,D入口进入。12:50, B, C, D各门将会开放,同学请自行从分配的入口进入。下课后,继续有其他文化课的同学请在教室等候,将由志愿者带入相应教室。没有课的4-10年级同学请从主入口离开学校。没有课的K-3年级同学将由志愿者带到教学楼外接送区域外由家长接走。

3. 下午3:00上课的同学包括AG班,舞蹈班的同学,请在主入口(gate A)进入教学楼。下课后将由志愿者带出,请家长在同样的区域等候。

Classrooms layout

Classrooms list

1:00PM students entrance

教学区除主出入口(main entrance)外,其他入口除上下课时间将关闭,三个入口将在12:50-1:00开发给一点钟上课的同学进入教学楼。请大家找到自己的入口进入。

K-4 Students Drop off and Pick Up areas




2021-2022学年的教学将会采用网课和实体课结合的形式。 针对实体课,为保证同学,老师,工作人员和志愿者的安全,学校做出如下安排:

1. 为了社区,家人和自己的安全,新世纪中文学校强烈建议校委会成员,老师和适龄学生接种新冠疫苗。数据证明,这是最有效,最安全,成本最低的防疫手段。

2. 新世纪中文学校要求所有进入教学楼的学生,老师,工作人员,志愿者以及因特殊原因进入教学楼的家长须戴口罩。

3. 学校将在入口处对进入教学楼的学生和人员进行体温检查。同时,如学生有发热症状,请家长务必不要送学生来学校。如有任何学生,家长有新冠症状,请尽快和学校联系,学校一定会保证大家隐私,做出相应的教学调整,如暂时调整成网课等。请家长在上课期间保持手机微信畅通,如有同学有不适,学校将会及时通知家长接走学生。

4. 我们会和Schoolcraft College商议,保证教室在上课前彻底清洁。学校会给每个班级提供洗手液供老师同学使用。

5. 教学区除主出入口(main entrance)外,其他入口除上下课时间将关闭,三个入口将在12:50-1:00开发给规定的学生进入,具体情况学校将在近期通知。

6. 学校将根据教室分布划分出入口。家长可以在指定出入口接、送学生, 没有特殊情况不能随意进入教学区。低年级同学(K-4)年级同学请在上课前10分钟将孩子送到各个出入口指定区域,集合后由各班TA将学生带入教室。校委会值班人员将在出入口维持秩序。下课时,低年级班学生离校时,请家长到门口指定区域等候,课后委派TA或者志愿者将学生送到出入口指定区域确认学生安全离校;继续上课的低年级同学将会由学校安排人员送至下一个课堂。更具体情况学校将在近期通知。

7. 特殊原因迟到的家长请到校委会办公室接孩子,超过10分钟接孩子将收取照看费用。

8. 学校内不允许吃食物,但是可以喝水

9 . 学校会安排学生座位保证安全社交距离。课间非特殊情况不建议在教学区内随意走动,未经老师同意不得离开教学区;





Dear MNCCS parents, students,

We heartily affirm that our Schools’ objective for 2021-2022 to return to in-person instructional day at all grade levels; in short, keeping as many students learning in school as possible throughout the coming academic year. Given the current state of the pandemic that objective seems well within reach. As we look to September, updated guidelines from the CDC are emerging for schools, and we anticipate guidelines at the local level will be forthcoming as well.

The MNCCS administrative team have drafted a preliminary outline of the pandemic-related precautions and protocols we anticipate will be in place in September.

1. At this time, MNCCS does not require but strongly recommend that all eligible admin team members, teachers and students be vaccinated for COVID-19. The greater our community’s immunity, the greater our latitude in returning to our routine programming.

2. State and local recommendations/requirements for face covering in school settings continue to evolve. MNCCS requires all to have their face covered when inside the school building.

3. We will have the temperature checked before entering the school building. We also expect that students and parents monitor their own and their family’s health, including periodic temperature checks at home prior to sending students to school. Any individual who does not feel well or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or other communicable illness, must stay home from school and make sure to contact the MNCCS office via email info@mnccs.com.

4. We will work with Schoolcraft to make sure the buildings are thoroughly cleaned the day before our class. There will be hand sanitizer in the classrooms for students to use.

5. During the school day, only the main entrance ( south) will be opened. The other entrance will be opened to enter temporarily around 10 mins before the class.

6. We will welcome only students and school staff in the building, and the parents will not be allowed to enter without an appointment. Younger students (K-4) will be led into their classroom by volunteers from the designated areas. Those students will be led outside to the same areas to meet their parents once their class time is over. Parents please wait in those areas to pick your child(ren) on time.

7.Those late parents need to go to the school office (RM420) to pick up their kids. There will be a fee if parents are more than 10 mins late.

8. Food consumption is prohibited within the building, but water is allowed.

9. At all grade levels, classrooms will be configured to accommodate the 3-feet of physical distance between students.

The plan will be updated accordingly in response to the evolving state of the pandemic in the coming weeks and months. Given that emerging national, state and local COVID-19 guidelines and requirements may continue to change before the start of school in September, adjustments to the Plan will likely be necessary, with some final decision-making occurring closer to the start of school. We will communicate updates throughout the school year.

Thank you and have a great summer!

8/29 教科书和练习册发放


学校将在8月29日下午1-4点在Schoolcraft College Liberal Arts building main entrance as发放本学年的《中文》课本和练习册。学校会根据秋季报名名单发放。今年课本和练习册恢复收费,每套$10。请各年级同学家长准备好零钱,现场不找零。请按照下列时间段前来领取:

K-1年级: 1:00-1:30

1-2年级: 1:30-2:00

3-4年级: 2:00_2:30

5-6年级: 2:30-3:00

7-10年级: 3:00-3:30

实验班: 3:30-4:00

同时我们会发放去年毕业生证书,请新世纪2021毕业生 3:00来准时参加毕业典礼。





賽樂玉心 张天玉 叶珊珊 殷恺 郑嗣旸


邓昕玥 金一鸣 曹婉雪 曹祎凡 严予睿 李思成 火睿淇 王于青 王敏珺 余博 刘宇凡 蔡苗佳 赵子萱 于梦佳 龚天渼 刘诗皓 薛皓 俞睿远 李晨萱 曹婉清 杨明熙 柯懿真 李婧瑜 毛章妮 罗婧馨 陈可馨 叶小雅 吴安卓 蔡俏伊 吉仕程 邓沈昊 胡欣童 张菡茜 金株茱 龚宸林 薛文 汪艾米 王子维 殷恺 郑嗣旸 Rebecca Borlace 潘睿琛 宋天义卢楚乔 刘锴桢 李佳音 伍兰君 田雨菲 常斗斗 张漪宁 马靖伟 Stephanie Huang Allison Roller Aria Szeto

This event photos by Liang Sun and Scott Yan

MNCCS 2021-2022 School Year Announcement and Open for Enrolment

The curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year has been scheduled and updated. MNCCS will adopt a hybrid learning approach this year by offering both in-person and virtual classes. This is another new teaching practice carried out by the MNCCS for this special period. The in-person class will start from 12:00PM on Sunday and end at 5:00 PM. Please refer to the school registration website reg.mnccs.org for the specific class time. The virtual class time will be agreed upon by the students and the teacher together. Most Chinese courses will have both virtual and in-person classes while our culture classes, including our award winning Academic Games team training, will only have in-person choice to ensure the best learning experiences.

Please note it is not allowed to switch to the other type of learning when the school starts from 9/12 without a special reason. The school’s virtual classes are tentatively scheduled to run until the end of 2021. Based on the development of the pandemic at that time, the school will then decide whether to continue the online classes. At the same time, in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the CDC, the state and the school district, MNCCS will also make adjustments to the arrangement of in-person classes, and does not rule out the option of switching to full online classes.

In order to ensure the safety and health of all teachers, students and staff who come to the school, MNCCS will have specific the COVID-19 prevention and regulations before the beginning of the school year, and we hope that everyone will abide by it.

2021-2022学年的课程已基本排定,根据CDC,密西根州政府和我们当地学区的关于疫情的建议和指南,并经过和家长,老师的协调,新世纪中文学校的开学模式将采用网课和实体课两种方式同步进行,这是新世纪中文学校针对特殊时期开展的又一次新的教学实践, 实体课和网课会在不同的时间分别独立进行。实体课堂时间将在周日12:00开始到下午五点结束,具体时间请参考学校注册网站reg.mnccs.org。网课将避开周日实体课,具体时间由选课的同学和老师共同商定。大部分的课程都有网课和实体课的选择,实体课能保证最佳的师生互动,同学互动的学习效果,网课可以给实在有顾虑的同学学习中文的机会。请大家按照自身情况和需求,尽快注册选择返校上课或远程网课,我们好落实安排实体课教室和网课时间。为保证教学进程的稳定有序,注册时选择后,非特殊原因,原则上不允许再更改上课方式。学校的网课暂定运行到2021年底,根据那时疫情的发展,学校再决定网课是否继续。同时,随着疫情的发展,根据CDC,州政府和学区的规定和指南,学校也会对实体课的安排作出调整,不排除转为全网课的选项。



汉语水平考试(简称HSK)作为中国国家级考试,是为测试母语非汉语者的汉语水平而设立的一项国际汉语能力标准化考试。目前HSK有6个等级,YCT是面向低年级学生的考试, 目前共有4个等级, YCT4级基本相当但略低于HSK3级水平。HSK题目灵活,贴近生活,通过HSK3-6级教材的系统学习,不仅有助于学生在考试中取得优异成绩,更是对常规中文学习的有力补充,全面提升中文听说读写的能力。


面向具备汉语基本听说读写能力, 汉字的识字量达400字以上的中文3-6年级的学生。

内容: 听说能力, 侧重阅读以及汉字书写能力。涵盖多种日常社交场景,如进行比较、表达情感、描述事件的发展情况等等。

课程结束时将掌握常用偏旁部首的意思、形声字的基本概念、600个以上的HSK3级大纲要求的词汇等等; 参加考前训练, 模拟考及真题演练,为通过HSK3级/YCT4级做好准备。























2020-2021 新学年准备工作紧锣密鼓进行。最近,董事会会议决定:







2021年 6月 29号

  • 热烈祝贺我校的李侓章荣获2020中华文华知识竞赛美国初赛地五名! 2020中华文华知识竞赛美国初赛已结束。前十名学生中我们州共有四名。他们分别是:新世纪的李侓章(5)实验的王炫钧(8)安华的王菲杨(9)底特律的张涵(10)向四位同学表示祝贺🎊!

  • ABC Media 我们是ABC Media,侨报小记者俱乐部的小记者们重新一起组织的俱乐部,希望能够继续宣传中文和中国文化。我们的目标和流程基本和以前的侨报小记者俱乐部一样,还是会按期出版小记者们写的作文,诗歌,绘画,等。现在,我们正在寻找更多感兴趣的小记者一起加入我们的大家庭。我们联系您的目的是应为侨报小记者俱乐部以前和密西根新世纪中文学校合作过并且有学生参加每年的作文大赛。我们希望密西根新世纪中文学校的学生们也加入我们新的组织。加入的方法很简单,家长和学生们首先需要填一下这个表格:http://bit.ly/ABCMedia。以前想加入的小记者们必须参加每年的侨报作文大赛,但现在我们把要求进行了稍微的调整:学生们只需每个月投稿两次,随后再填一个表格就可以正式加入了。如果您想了解更多关于ABC Media 的信息,请回复一下这个邮件或者给我们您的微信联系方式。期待和您一起合作!ABC Media

  • 2020中华文华知识竞赛美国初赛结束,我校的李聿章同学入围前十,让我们向他表示热烈的祝贺🎊! 2020中华文华知识竞赛美国初赛已结束,我校的李聿章同学入围前十,让我们向他表示热烈的祝贺🎊!同时感谢林虹老师,肖芃老师及原琳老师赛前的悉心辅导,以及以下所有同学的积极参与,你们都棒棒哒!希望大家在未来的各项比赛中再创佳绩。参赛名单如下:李聿章 金株茱 金巧乔 宋天义 沈中瑜 殷恺 陈子薇 徐可 朱天骏 马靖玮 王子维 李炫骢 韩文钦 潘睿琛 傅岱恒 卢楚乔 姜天雄 孙阳阳 张漪宁 孙睿 廖豆豆 石宇轩 杨妍密西根新世纪中文学校 ( MNCCS ) 2021年 3月 7号

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