Tầm Chơn Lý

Tuy rằng Người ở trong Trời,

Lời Trời đã dạy chớ rời Trời Trong.

Even though you live in a relative world created by God,

God reminds you to always seek guidance from God Within.

Bien que vous soyez dans un monde relatif,

Dieu vous rappelle de ne pas vous détacher de votre Soi Divin.

Đạo là phẳng lặng trang bằng,

Dường như gió tạnh trời trăng đêm rầm.

To follow the True Way,

One needs to quiet the mind,

Like the full moon on a clear and windless night.

Trời khai Đạo nơi Tâm của con Trời

Cao Đài Đại Đạo Đạo Trời sanh,

Đạo dạy Người phân chuyện dữ lành,

Đạo chẳng bảo lo hành sắc tướng,

Đạo lo giải cứu vọng nhân tình.

Đuốc Chơn Lý

Đuốc Chơn Lý là đầu muôn việc,

Chơn Lý rành thì diệt tà tâm;

Con ôi Chơn Lý cao thâm,

Muốn tường Chơn Lý phải tầm đầu giây.

Truth is the foundation of everything in the Universe,

Truth Awareness does bring positive change in Conciousness;

Truth is infinite, beyond grasp of the intellectual mind,

To recognize Truth, seek Truth from the Original Source.

Thus, enter into the Kingdom of Happiness, of Calm and Divine Clarity, only the one who, piously, finally dares to leave the world of the senses, who ceases, with all his being, to attach himself to perishable things with his "forbidden fruit" (Trái Cấm) knowledge by which he lost his "divinity" and his "earthly paradise".

From there, in this Kingdom, by gazing back on the life of our body, we suffer, because the whole humanity suffers: - love overflows us.

We have obtained the authorization to build in Tân An city, a Temple dedicated to God, the Very High and Very Powerful, whose majestic radiation (Điển Linh) of his Glory illuminates us and gives us back the Life, the True Life of Man: the Immortality, the Eternal Present.

Đạo Thông mới trở về Trời,

Cùng Cha sum hiệp đời đời an vui.

Indeed the Spirit alone (Đạo Thông) remains forever. With the death of the "me", be it the anticipated death of the personality, or the death we all expect, time and space disappear. We are in the Eternal; we are all "Here" and "Now", we, the Spirit of God, the Soul of Creation.

« Lý là của Trời;

Trời còn, Chơn Lý vẫn còn.

Con nào theo Chơn Lý, vẫn còn tự nhiên. »

What prodigious time we are in!

The appearance of a Divine Ray (Một Tia Chơn Lý) that venerably and piously glorifies us with the name "Thánh Ngôn", "the Teaching of God" gives us Source of Bliss; we draw on it with all our heart for our happiness on Earth.

What would then be the possession of all earthly goods in relation to this heavenly Gift of God?

Just little things, vain appearances, illusions of the human spirit, source of our sufferings!