Cao Đài

Cao Đài

« Cao Đài », is « Cao Việt Thiên Đài »

It's the True Motherland of Man, of the Human Specie,

It is the highest plane of the Divine Atmosphere,

It is the Real World, without beginning or end,

The World of the Eternal Present,

Where Man had been born;

Where Man will come back one day,

The day when he will have completed with Perfection his Great Experience,

The Experience of God, of the Unity of Life, of the Essential Unity of all things.

So to be Religious is to undertake His True Task,

To be Religious is to do the Experience of God.

Tu hành là Học làm Trời,

Phải nào kiếp kiếp làm Người Thế Gian.

The marvelous thing about this Experience is that Man, far from his original homeland, must realize it in himself, by himself.

The "Cao Đài" in Man must be a Spriritual High Tower, having

For foundations: Will, Pure Will;

For floors: Knowledge and its various degrees, and

For Summit: "True Love".

The "Cao Đài" thus Realized in Man is the Supra Divine Region of the Soul.

Raised in the middle of the relative world, this Tower of the Absolute, composed entirely of Subtle Essence, is the Emblem of True Glory and True Happiness.

The Divine Teaching thus understood in its Sublimity, it is no longer necessary to manifest the Symbolic Eye, which has been suppressed on the Order of the above, since

"The Eye becomes Spirit, the Divine becomes Man".

Man must be the Living Symbol of God.

From there, our emblem:

Tam Kỳ Nguyên Nguyên Bản Bản

Chơn Lý Tầm Nguyên Đại Đạo

(In Search of the Cause and Origin of Truth and Life)