The 50 States Digital Breakouts

Digital Breakouts

My introduction to Breakout EDU came during a staff team building day at TCEA with Dr. Johnson's Lab Zombie Apocalypse. I was hooked on this team approach to the escape room and wanted to get on the bandwagon to spread the word to educators.

Thanks to Tanya Coffey, and her holiday themed digital breakouts, I was inspired to create my own set of digital breakout games. Give it a go and keep checking back for all 50.

Feedback is most welcome. I have tried to make sure everything works, but there is a possibility something might be awry. Email me at and I'll get it fixed.

Note to teachers: I was aiming for a fourth grade level, but I believe these are more suitable for a sixth grade level. Teachers, if you need hints or answers, please feel free to email me or leave a FlipGrid response.

Texas Montana Washington Idaho Maryland

New York New Mexico Hawaii North Dakota Arkansas

Massachusetts Rhode Island Georgia Kentucky Vermont

Missouri California Maine Michigan Oklahoma

Kansas Nebraska New Hampshire North Carolina Iowa

Nevada Wisconsin New Jersey Illinois Utah

Pennsylvania Minnesota Mississippi West Virginia Ohio

South Carolina Wyoming Colorado Louisiana Delaware

Connecticut Alabama Tennessee Virginia

Which will be the next state?

Please email me if you would like your state next.

Feel free to visit, press the big green button, and leave a message for Peggy on Flipgrid.

Helpful Tips about the Locks:

The locks are made up of various puzzles using direction, color, number, letter, or word. Sometimes there are off beat puzzles, i.e. alliteration, combinations, etc.

Look for clues by clicking on various words and images. Sometimes they lead to an important clue.

Be aware sometimes there are hints located in the information itself.

Clues can even be hidden in the Google Breakout Form.

You will may need access to Google Maps for the Directional Locks.

Most of the images were provided by Pixabay and are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. Photos may be downloaded, modified, distributed, and used royalty free for anything one would like. Attribution is not required.

Images are cited if they were not used from Pixabay.

A few images were provided by Pics4Learning(