Welcome to Zoo`s Ferret Sanctuary!

 Zoo's Ferret Sanctuary NFP is a Not-For-Profit organization 

with 501(C)(3) status in Kirkland, Illinois run by Cathy 

Strobach. Our mission is to provide a permanent safe haven

to abused, abandoned, mistreated, elderly, and unwanted

ferrets in our area. Many here have health issues, or are

terminal. Our goal is to make their remaining lives as happy &

comfortable as possible.

We enjoy educating the public about these

precious, intelligent, trusting & curious little creatures. We

hope that you will enjoy learning more about Cathy, Zoo's 

Ferret Sanctuary, and the ferrets that have found a safe,


place to live out the rest of their days. 

To learn about our residents, select a name  from the




the left, & 

click on it.


Each page contains pictures and 

stories about different 



here at the Sanctuary. We are only posting pages about the

residents here at the main location (not our fosters.) Our site is 

in severe need of updating.  We have been very busy with the

ferrets :)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to lack of help, we are unable to take in any more ferrets at this time. 

          Our main ferret room

Our care center

                                                            Our playroom