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BBCode is a non-HTML markup system for text formatting. It lets you bold, underline, and do other things to text to make it look the way you like.


To use BBCode, the desired bit of text must be "enclosed" within BBCode tags.


This text is [u]underlined[/u] produces:

        This text is underlined


Supported tags:

[b][/b] Bold

[i][/i] Italics

[u][/u] Underline

[s][/s] Strikethrough

[quote][/quote] to demarcate a block of text as a quotation from somewhere else

[url]url[/url] creates a link with the URL as the link text

[url=url]link description[/url] creates a link with your custom text as the link text

[color=color name][/color] makes the text a different color, i.e. red, blue, green

[img]url of image[/img] inserts an image (from its hosting location)


For example, if you want to make a link to Google, in BBCode it would look like this:


BBCode is supported in almost every area of the site where you can enter text. Most text entry areas have either a visual text editor with buttons etc. or you can use BBCode to mark your text up.