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Site rules

DrunkDuck is a great place for hosting your comics. It is a wonderful community that will welcome you with open arms and treat you with respect.


Great communities however do not spring from thin air. In order to foster a respectful, welcoming and creative community, we kindly ask that users do not engage in trollish behavior. This includes forum flames, disrespectful behavior to other members and flame baiting. Users who do engage in such behaviors will be suspended/removed and eventually banned. Should there be any personal disagreements or concerns between members, we ask that the users involved resolve the matter privately.


DrunkDuck has no interest in wantonly oppressing or interfering with a user's artistic pursuits. While you are perfectly in your right to say what you want and exercise your freedom of speech, please bear in mind that DrunkDuck is privately owned and operated. In other words, it is not a public access site and the administrative team will modify or take down content if necessary. We reserve the right to remove or take down any art, comments, etc. we find inappropriate for any reason.

That said, you are pretty much able to do anything you want with your comic account as long as you follow the Terms of Use and these rules:


Generally speaking, the main rules of the site are:

  • Do not harass or abuse other site members
  • Do not upload illegal content or advocate illegal activity
  • Do not use the site disingenuously, for example engineering custom page coding to remove the free ads (which support this site) or auto-redirect your comic's webpage to an offsite URL
  • Do not use The Duck as an image host (like Photobucket). The Duck is a webcomics hosting site and your primary content account should be for a comic, although we allow the creation of "side" accounts and galleries which support the main comic
  • Although a user may create multiple accounts (if they possess multiple e-mail addresses), we ask that you participate responsibly with them. For example, don't get into conversations (or arguments) with yourself in the forums, don't use multiple accounts to hide trolling, etc.
  • Violation of other artist's copyrights is not acceptable.
  • The admins are the final authority and attempts to circumvent any action they have taken against you is a bannable offense.

Please note that is not the complete list of all possible things which might get you in trouble- just a list of the problems we see most commonly. If you adhere to the spirit of the site ("Respect the service and its members") you shouldn't have any problems.