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Limits to what can be put on the site

We think they're pretty reasonable.

Comic Pages
Firstly, there's some technical restrictions about comic pages themselves:
  • Only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png files are accepted
  • Filesize must be smaller than 1 MB per image. This site can be used to resize and compress images:
  • If the image is wider than 960 pixels, it will be resized
Also, please keep the site's rules in mind when it comes to comic pages:
  • Do not harass or abuse other site members
  • Do not upload illegal content or advocate illegal activity
  • Do not use The Duck as an image host (like Photobucket). The Duck is a webcomics hosting site and your primary content account should be for a comic, although we allow the creation of "side" accounts and galleries which support the main comic
You can upload as many pages as you need to! We have some comics on The Duck which are over 1000 pages long.

The Duck welcomes all types of comics, including sprite and adult!

Multiple Accounts
You can create multiple user accounts, so long as you are participating responsibly with them. For example, don't create fake accounts to troll people. To create multiple user accounts you'll need to sign up using different e-mail addresses for each account. 

You can create as many comic accounts as you wish! It's even better if you put some pages in them for people to read. :]