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Favorites system

If you have an account on The Duck, you can use the Favorites system, which lets you track comics on The Duck and when they last updated. When you are logged in, click on "favorites" in the topbar. A menu will drop down where you can add the current comic to your Favorites:


Your Favorites list can be access either by clicking "favorites" in the topbar (as shown above) or in your account panel which appears on the Duck's main pages: 

The topbar drop-down will only list your favorites in alphabetical order. The sidebar favorites list is sortable by title or last update, and also displays the number of pages, rating, and date of last update for your favorited comics.

To remove a Favourite comic, go to your User Control Panel:


And then the "favorites" area:

And you'll see a list of your Favorite comics. Use the "X" button for a given comic to remove it from your Favorites list: