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To edit your userpic/avatar, click on your userpic in the user sidebar (people without a userpic will see a default image):

To change your userpic, scroll down to the userpic area and click on "upload image"

Once you've chosen an image from your computer, make sure you click the "upload" button:

You'll know your userpic is changed when you see the new picture in the userpic spot:

Guidelines about userpics:
  • They must be square, and a maximum size of 100x100 pixels
  • They can be under 100x100 pixels (as long as they're still square)
  • If the image is not square or is larger than 100x100, it will be resized to fit
  • They can be .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif
  • Transparency and animation is supported, however stuff like crazy flashing animations aren't acceptable
  • Keep the filesize reasonable: under 50kb. If your userpic is too large you will be asked to change it, or an admin will change it themselves if the file is very oversized.
  • Keep in mind that your userpic can be seen by ANYONE browsing the site, so all userpics must be worksafe. No "adult" userpics.