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News (and getting your news in it)

The Duck's main page features a News blog, and you can also reach the news page by clicking on the "news" link in the topbar on all the pages.

Only the admins can make newsposts, but they are happy to include your news! Basically, you just have to tell us. We can't possibly monitor everyone's comic, so we rely on you to tell us if you're reaching a milestone or anniversary. 

What we will post:

Comic milestones - we count by 25s. 25, 50, 75, 100, etc. (every 25 pages). Also comic anniversaries- 1 year, 2 years, so on!

We can announce if your comic is has been completed, too. This usually is a great accomplishment, and it's a well-deserved pat on the back. 

  • Have you published a book? 
  • Is your comic up for an award? 
  • Did you get interviewed or featured someplace? 
  • Are you having a contest? 
  • Do you have any other projects that are webcomics-related? 
  • Is there an interesting event or article about webcomics? 
  • Is there a community activity that you think should get attention?
  • Have you just opened a merchandise store or taking commissions? 
  • Etc.
We like to promote community-oriented things especially, so keep us aware of those!

We may end up deciding something isn't quite appropriate for the main page, but there is no harm in asking. 

Note when we say contests, we don't mean "send me fan art and everyone's will get posted, because oops I'm going on vacation and I need filler." That's not a contest, that's just a request for filler. :] There's nothing wrong with asking for it - but that sort of thing is probably better in the forums than the newsposts. 

What we won't post:

Stuff which is better off in the Meet, Greet, Show and Tell forum:
  • New comics
  • Going on hiatus
  • Back from hiatus
  • Re-vamping your comic
  • Finishing/starting chapters
  • Pageview numbers

We've got reasons for those, but basically some of it isn't very "newsworthy" or can end up being unfair.

Stuff which is better off in the Networking and Community Projects forum:
  • Requests for help, sprite sheets, etc
  • Calls for fan art, guest comics or filler

There's a bit of discretion here. The newsposts are meant to be for noteworthy or unusual things, so if we think it is, we will! 

We're also happy to "piggyback" non-newspost things onto newspost things. So for example, if you're reaching 50 pages and that's also the start of chapter 3, we'll include all of that (but we wouldn't announce chapter 3 on its own). Or if you're coming back from a hiatus and 'celebrating' by having a contest, we'll include all that too!

How to tell us about your news: 
Send a PQ to skoolmunkee with your announcement and any relevant links. If you want to send specific text to post, that is fine, or you can just let her know the gist and then she can say something quickly (but probably less creatively) about it. 

Feel free to PQ her for any related questions as well!