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Comic thumbnails

At default, all comic thumbnails use this graphic:
or this one if they're an A-rated comic:

It's better to create a custom thumbnail to help your comic stand out and look unique, and give people an idea of what your comic looks like.

First, you need to go to your comic's control panel (the Edit Comic area). Click on "EDIT" in the user sidebar:

You'll be taken to the Edit Comic page, where if you scroll down a little you'll see an option to upload your own thumbnail:

Click on the "choose file" and use the file browser which pops up to locate your thumbnail.

Guidance on thumbnail images:
  • Thumbnails should be .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif files
  • Thumbnails are 80 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall
  • Thumbnails will be converted to .jpeg and resized to fit the 80x100 restriction if they're not already
  • It is acceptable to use "adult" thumbnails on comics which are also rated A, as restricted users cannot see A-rated comic thumbnails unless they are logged in. However, please keep in mind that not everyone will WANT to see "adult" thumbnails even if they are able to.
Once you've chosen a file from your computer, the page will look like this... you MUST click the "SAVE" button to keep your changes!

You know you've successfully changed your thumbnail if, after saving, your chosen thumbnail shows up in the thumbnail image: