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Ways to communicate with others on the site

Lots of ways! However you must have an account on The Duck to do so.


Comments! Site members can leave comments in many places: on each other's profiles, comic pages, on tutorials, newsposts, and any place you see a "comments" box. If the "say it!" button is greyed out, it's because you need to log in before you can leave a comment.


Forums! The Duck's community forums are a great place to network and communicate with other comic creators and fans. There are forums for most general topics and they tend to be a friendly and welcoming place. You can access the forums via the "forums" link in the main menu bar at the top of most Duck pages:


Private Quacks (PQs)! This is a private messaging system internal to The Duck. Members can send and receive messages between each other. You can access the PQ system via your account tab: