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Comic settings

There's two ways to get to your comic's settings. First, if you're on one of the main site pages:

Expand the "my comics" panel in the user sidebar, and click "EDIT" for the comic you want to change:

This will take you directly to your comic editing area.

OR you can click on your userpic/avatar, or if you're viewing a comic, you can click on "my control panel":

And you'll be taken to your control panel/profile area, where you can see a list of your comics with "edit" buttons:

Either way, clicking on the "edit" link/button for a comic will take you to that comic's editing area:


This is your comic's title. You can't change it.

You can edit your short description here. People appreciate brevity!

A comic "strip" is usually associated with newspaper style comics, gag-a-day, or comics with no overarching storyline. A "story" is more the sort of thing you'd see in graphic novels.

More information about the ratings is here. If you're not sure which one your comic is, be conservative, or ask someone's opinion.

Art style is up to you, this can just aid people in searching. 

Genre is also up to you. Currently you can only choose one genre, so just choose the one you think is the best fit for your comic. Again this is just to aid people in searching.

Tone is a little different than genre, and we hope to add more options here in the future.

Your thumbnail is the picture used to represent your comic around the site. Choose wisely! You can see mine here.

Your comic header shows up on your comic's page, above the comic. So you might think of this as a branding element for your comic, if you want to have your comic's "logo" or title graphics on every page. I don't have a comic header set currently, but it would appear here if I did.

Each comic can have its own forum- to enable that, just make sure that box is checkmarked!

The homepage defaults your comic to the first page (rather than the most recent one). This is useful for story comics, comics with content warnings, etc.

Lastly be sure and SAVE any changes!