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Public user profiles

Your public profile is where you get to tell everyone about yourself!


Once you are logged in, you can edit your profile by clicking on the "User control panel" link in the account sidebar:




This is a general field where you can add whatever you like. Most people use this space to write a little introduction about themselves, their interests, their comics or other projects. There is a visual text editor here to make formatting easy. You can edit this area by clicking on the "edit profile" link which appears on your profile page, or on the "account" button along the top:


On this "edit profile" page you can also update your email address and password (which are NOT publicly accessible!) and change your avatar.


Comics By:

These are the comics you are the owner (or primary manager) of. This is also where you access the control panel for each comic, by clicking on the "edit" link (the "delete" link of course deletes it!):


To add a new comic, click on "create" in the menu topbar which appears on most Duck pages:


Comics Assisted By:

These are the comics for which you're an assistant. You'll see an "edit" link for these, but not a "delete" one. However you can remove yourself as an assistant from here.


Comics Recommended By:

This is a list of comics which you've decided to Recommend to others. To Recommend a comic, once you are logged in, click on the "recommend comic" link which appears in that comic's topbar:

Recommended comics are not the same as Favorite comics. The two systems are independent. You don't need to Favorite a comic before you can Recommend it, or vice versa.

 You can remove a recommended comic using the "remove" button: 


These are the other Duck members you've decided to friend, and who have friended you! The friending system on The Duck is mutual, like Facebook.


To friend someone, visit their profile and click on the "add as friend" link: 

It will then change to say "pending friend request…" If they accept you as a friend, then they'll appear on your Friends list.


To remove a friend, visit their profile again and click on the "remove friend" link: 

Forum Topics Started:

This is a bit of history which lets people know which forum threads you've begun. This list is updated automatically as you create forum threads.


Videos Shared By:

You can list videos from YouTube or other services here. Use the "add video" button to add one: 


This is where your trophies will appear, if you've earned any.



People can leave comments for you in this area. If you don't like a comment you can use the "delete" link to get rid of it.