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Featured Comics

Featured Comics are comics which are hosted (or mirrored) on The Duck, which the admins have chosen to highlight. Featured Comics get special placement on the front page and go into the Featured Comic Archive indefinitely (unless they remove themselves from the site). Featured Comic creators also receive a Trophy on their profile. One comic is featured each Wednesday, which means in a given year only 52 comics will be featured.

Featuring is based on: 

  • Artwork and writing quality
  • Uniqueness
  • Audience appeal
  • Basic length (at least 20 pages)
  • Basic updating schedule (semi-frequent, no ‘dead' comics)
  • Rating (E, T+ and M comics only)
  • Successful community comics are often featured as they highlight the collaborative aspect of the site

The admins try to feature a range of genres, styles, ratings, and lengths. People are welcome to recommend a comic to an admin for featuring (send them a PQ), but keep in mind that there are thousands of comics on The Duck and at any time, an admin may have 50 to 100 comics on their "check this comic out, it might be good enough to feature" list. It can take them some time to get around to any given comic.


The admins will not review your comic or suggest things you should change before it can be featured, so please don't ask. That is time-consuming for them and in the past has been misconstrued as a promise to feature something if 2 or 3 things are changed. Usually if an admin desperately wants to feature a comic but can't because of some small changeable thing, they will tell the creator so themselves.

There is a thread with much more information about featuring in the forums: