Your Comic Forum - Managing

You can have your own forum for each of your comic, with subforums, threads, etc - check this page to see how to set one up.

This page is about the various special functions you get, as the Owner of that forum! (Your comic assistants should be able to do this stuff too.) These things help you manage your forum!

Sticky and Important Threads
Sticky threads will always stay at the top of their forum. Usually these are threads which you want everyone to know about.
Important threads are presented with red text, to really draw someone's eye.
You don't have to have a thread both sticky and important, but you can! You can set this when you're creating a thread, or also when you're editing one:

Here's what a thread looks like when it's sticky and important:

So, if you look at a thread within your forum, you'll see some extra options you don't get on other forums:

Edit - next to the thread's title: This lets you edit the thread's title and whether it's sticky or important. You can also lock a thread here, meaning no further replies can be made.
Delete - next to the thread's title: You can delete the whole thread.

Edit - for each post: Yes, you can edit other people's replies in your forum! Be careful with this.
Delete - for each post: Or you can just delete a single post. This is useful if someone doubleposts, or posts something you think is offensive, or if you post something and change your mind, etc.

That's it for now really! Later on we hope to have the ability to move threads between forums, and maybe some other things.