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Site admins and moderators

Site admins and moderators are currently as follows:

Ozoneocean - King of DrunkDuck and ruler of all her people (Chief Administrator)
kawaiidaigakusei - Administrator; Monday Newsposts and Features
HippieVan - Administrator; Friday Newsposts and the Top Ten
Banes - Forum Moderator; Quackcasts
Niccea - Forum Moderator
JustNoPoint - Technical Admin
Irrevenant - Technical Forum Moderator

The admin/moderator team is responsible for the well-being and maintenance of the community and the enforcement of the site's rules and guidelines. The admins and moderators will generally be very accessible, polite and helpful (unless greatly provoked), but remember that most of them are volunteers who simply love the site, and will act like faulty humans with things like feelings and opinions occasionally. :-]

The admins are the highest level of authority on the site and in general are involved in all activities, tasks, or problems which may occur anywhere on the site.

What do the admins do?
  • Oversee all forum and site activity
  • Provide help as needed, often in response to specific user requests
  • Step in as needed to enforce site rules, including official warnings, freezings, bannings, comic moderation, theft of work investigations, etc.
  • Act as liaisons between the site/community and WOWIO! staff 
  • Many other high-level "tasks" such as selecting Featured comics, making newsposts, recording Quackcasts, developing site resources, engaging in promotion, etc.

Moderators do not currently have specific site-wide powers or authority, but they are important representatives and were chosen because of their positive and responsible participation on the site. If a moderator tells you that something isn't appropriate, etc. then you should listen to them.

What do the moderators do?
  • Moderate forums to ensure appropriate posting and participation
  • Participate with the community and help where they feel they can
  • "Keep an eye on" the site for anything which may need admin attention
  • You can report various issues to them, though in some cases they may involve the admins