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What are the advantages of signing up for an account?

The Duck is free to comic creators, readers and fans. There are no fees at all. Really, it's all free.


Although you can browse the site and read comics, tutorials and the forums without an account, you will need to sign up in order to interact with other site members.


As a reader, you can:

  • Post comments on comics, tutorials, Quackcasts, newsposts, other members' profiles, and other commenting areas
  • Add to the tutorials and other member-generated content
  • ‘Friend' other members
  • Send other members PQs (personal messages)
  • Follow comics using the "Favorites" system (including the ability to bookmark comics to finish reading later)
  • Use your profile to recommend comics to others, share videos and talk about yourself
  • Post on the forums (both The Duck's general forums and those forums specific to comics)
  • Read A rated comics (if 18 or older)
  • Set up a Duck Store account to sell merchandise with your work on it


As a creator, you can do all the things a reader can, plus:

  • Create an unlimited number of comic accounts to host your comics
  • Append Author Comments to each page you upload
  • Respond to peoples' comments on your comic
  • Set up a blog to correspond to your comic
  • Set up a forum for each comic to communicate with your readers
  • Customize your comic's webpage to enhance its presentation and uniqueness using easy customization tools
  • Build additional pages to support your comic, like "Characters" and "Downloads"