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Comic stats

To view your comic's statistics (stats), first go to your comic's Edit Comic area. You can access it by clicking on "EDIT" for that comic in the user sidebar:

And then click on the "stats" button:

You'll see a page similar in layout to this one:

Currently, comic stats have not fully been migrated over from the old site. The stats functionality is incomplete and will be improved upon in the future. Currently there is also no way to embed third-party stats trackers on your comic page.

Launch date: This is the day you created your comic account. (Note that the date is wrong, because of the incomplete stats import.)
Total pageviews: This is a very basic number- it tells you how many individual pages of your comic people have looked at. This reads zero for me currently, because of the incomplete functionality. Normally, it may say a number like "1000" here (or higher, you'd hope!). 1000 pageviews could mean that 1000 people all looked at one page each, or 1 person looked at 1000 pages (or the same page 1000 times). Usually it is a mix of those things.
Number of favorites: This number tells you how many people on The Duck have added your comic as a favorite! (The usernames of these people are not given to comic owners for privacy reasons.)