Your Comic Forum

Each comic on The Duck can have its own forum, where you can post threads and topics about whatever you like. Many people use it to communicate with their readers, plan projects, give more information about the comic, and just chat!

Setting one up is simple. In your comic's Edit Comic area, make sure you are in "overview":

And make sure that "enable comic forum" is clicked. Lastly, make sure to click "save!"

To visit your forum, go to your comic's main page and then click on the "go to forum" text (this is also how your readers will access the forum):

OK, you won't have any subforums to hold threads yet, so it will be blank:

To add a subforum, click on the "new forum." Only you and your comic assistants can create a new forum, your readers cannot.

Title: The name of your subforum. Remember this isn't a new thread itself- so you usually want to give this some kind of category name, to put threads into.
Description: To tell your forum visitors what to expect inside that forum.
Order: This will determine which forums are listed first, second, third, etc. You don't have to use 1, 2, 3... just any numeral. But 1 onwards is convenient. 

Make sure you click "submit!" 

So now you have a forum (you can make as many as you like). You can use that "edit" button to change any of the stuff you just set when you created the forum.

OK, to view your forum and add threads, click on its title:

To make a new thread, click on that "new thread" button. Posting a thread works just like regular forum posting. You can have your own rules in your forum! Just keep in mind that your forums signature will appear in ALL forums (yours, other comics' and the general forums) so please stick to the rules about signature image size.