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Adding pages to a comic

IMPORTANT: Comic pages must have unique file names. If you upload two+ pages named "picture.jpg," for instance, the most recently uploaded page will replace all past pages with the same name.

To add pages to your comic, first go to the Edit Comic area (comic control panel). The easiest way to reach this is to click on "EDIT" in the user sidebar:

Click on the "pages" button in the menu bar:

Then click on the "add pages" button:

You'll be taken to the "Add Pages" area. To add a page, you need to use the form on this page (The Duck does not support ftp or batch process page uploads). To upload more than one page at once (up to 10), just choose the appropriate number from the dropdown.

Date live: You can use this to set up a schedule of releases, if you want to queue pages up in advance.

Page title: You COULD leave this blank, but it will make finding pages in your archive much harder for readers.

Author's notes: You don't have to put anything here, but many people use this space for information about the page they're posting, messages to their readers, etc. You can use the text editor as shown, limited HTML (using the button in the text editor) or simply BBCode.

Choose file: This opens the file browser.

Chapter head: Chapter heads will differentiate this page in your archive listing and can help your readers find pages in your archive. Use this selectively- not EVERY page should be a chapter head!

Make sure you click SAVE PAGES at the bottom! The page may take a while to process depending on how many pages you are uploading and their filesize.

Technical restrictions about pages:
  • Only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png files are accepted (though .swf will be re-enabled soon)
  • Filesize must be smaller than 2 Mb per image (total of 20 Mb if uploading up to 10 images)
  • If the image is wider than 960 pixels, it will be resized