06. Kat Noftz Nagel: Editing Best Practices for Online, Print and Content Strategy (Jan 19, 2012)

Kat Noftz Nagel presents: Editing Best Practices for Online, Print and Content Strategy

Kat Nagel

January 19, 2012, Thursday

5:30 pm- 7:00 pm - Networking & Refreshments

7:00 pm - 8:30pm - Presentation / Virtual Presentation

What makes technical editing technical? (and more trick questions)...

Kat describes the session as:

An introduction to the folklore, popular culture, and best practices of an interesting profession, with truths learned over mumblemumble years of experience and a dash of crowd-sourced advice from fellow practitioners...

Isn't technical editing just normal editing with different source material?

    • What does a technical editor edit?

    • What does a technical editor do differently than a normal editor, and why does it matter?

    • Why do project requirements often include a specific technical degree?

    • What tools and resources make technical editing easier/faster/more rewarding financially and personally?

    • Horror stories, gotchas, and open Q&A


Thomson Reuters

195 Broadway/Fulton

New York, NY 10007

Room # TBA

Contact # (917)-312-1567

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About Kat Noftz Nagel

Kat Nagel is a technical communicator with an obsessive need for variety. After a first career as an R&D chemist, Kat founded MasterWork Consulting to help technology firms, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations communicate effectively with their staff, clients and customers. Her client list includes high-tech and medical device manufacturers, research laboratories, software developers, a multi-national payroll processing firm, small businesses, community organizations, and individuals in solo professional practices (including other freelancers).

One thing led to another. Kat began offering Microsoft Word workshops and one-on-one training to her writing and editing clients, and gradually expanded that part of her business to include training for other software tools. Volunteer projects for community groups led her into the web design and content development world. Along the way, she co-founded Communication Central, a training partnership with Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, specializing in communications and small business seminars and workshops.

Kat has presented many programs on technical writing and editing techniques and tools, web design/SEO/site management, traditional and online research techniques, career resilience, project management, and freelance business issues for client companies, conferences, and professional associations such as STC, Editorial Freelancers Association, Association for Women in Communications, and local nonprofit networking organizations.