09. Jack Molisani: When Your Ship Comes In: Increasing Your Corporate Value and Be the Captain of Your Career Workshop (April 10, 2013))

Jack Molisani

Jack Molisani presents: Be the Captain of Your Career! Workshop, and When Your Ship Comes In: Increasing Your Corporate Value Chapter Meeting Note: Jack will raffle off a free entrance to a LavaCon event at the end of the meeting,

so be sure to register for the drawing! Attend LIVE or VIRTUALLY!

Jack Molisani too!

Meeting: When Your Ship Comes In: Increasing Your Corporate Value

April 10 EST

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm - Networking/Refreshments

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Presentation

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Do you feel like you are the captain of your career, or more like a galley slave—chained to a job that you don’t like, or perhaps one that pays slave wages?

In this meeting professional recruiter, business owner and STC Fellow Jack Molisani will discuss short-term tactics and long-term strategies for increasing your corporate value—and thus your standard of living.

“My career has had its highs, its lows, and everything in between. I learned from each win and each challenge, and I’ll share my life- and career-changing realizations with you in this entertaining and informative session.

As a mentor once told me: "Learn from the success and failures of others—it’s faster than making them yourself!"

Want to increase your standard of living? Don’t miss our April meeting!

Workshop: Be the Captain of Your Career!

April 11 EST

8:15 am - 9:00 am - Registration & Breakfast

9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Workshop

In this hands-on learning event, professional recruiter and STC Fellow Jack Molisani will continue the “When Your Ship Comes In” theme from our monthly meeting.

Jack will walk you through a series of informative—and entertaining—mini-workshops to give you additional tools needed to increase your standard of living.

Do you want a better job? To make more money? To work fewer hours?

Take the time to invest in yourself. Take this workshop!


IMPORTANT: Note the different locations for evening meeting and workshop!!

April 10 presentation: (Attend LIVE or VIRTUALLY)

Medidata Solutions

111 5th Ave. at 18th Street, 6th floor

New York, NY 10003

April 11 workshop: (Attend LIVE or VIRTUALLY)

Thomson Reuters

195 Broadway (between Fulton St. and Dey St.)

New York, NY 10007

Room 16 D-E-F

Contact # (862)-452-9927

IMPORTANT: Be sure to bring a picture ID to show security at the main entrance. You must RSVP and be on the list at security. No walk-ins will be allowed.


Thanks to Jack, I Increased my salary by more than 30%

I first met Jack Molisani more than six years ago when he presented "How to Earn Six Figures or More as a Technical Communicator". He provided detailed actions to advance my career, including how to "send out ships" and develop my portfolio. Jack's frequent references to Chellie Campbell's book "The Wealthy Spirit" inspired me to purchase the book and practice daily affirmations for wealth and abundance. I have given this book as a gift more than 10 times.

Within six months of attending Jack's workshop, I increased my salary by more than 30%. I continued the upward trend with appropriate care and feeding of my career development.

Jack is enthusiastic, persuasive, charismatic, qualified to speak on subjects including increasing your corporate value, technical communication career strategies, and becoming better at everything we do. I recommend Jack's workshop. Go in with an open mind, and come out with a full basket of abundance.

Barrie Byron,

Information Developer at Rocket Software

Happily living in two home offices, enjoying a location-independent fulfilling job

Jack's advice helped me create a winning resume

Dear Mr. Molisani,

I wanted to thank you again for the two seminars that you gave and for your direct help on my resume. Because of you, I just received an offer for a permanent job that I think I am going to love.

Your advice about creating a table showing job requirements vs. my skills was invaluable, as was your advice to keep current on tools. The job I wanted required Madcap Flare experience, which I did not have. Thanks to your tip about getting trial copies, I downloaded a trial version and used it to create a website, which started with the requirements/skills table and contained links to additional information about each of my skills. I received an invitation to interview the same day. I would never have thought of obtaining a trial copy without your seminar, and my skills descriptions would not have been as good without your direct help.

As a side note, I sent your presentation to a colleague who was also laid off when I was. He used the tip about checking LinkedIn for mutual contacts. Using that site, he learned he had a second-degree contact at a hiring company, and asked his friend to forward his resume directly. It worked, and he now has a job, too. He called to thank me for sending your presentation because that gave him the idea of using LinkedIn.

I just wanted to let you know what a difference you made and how grateful I am.



Job Hunting Secrets That Might Surprise You

For years I’ve resisted speaking about effective resumes, thinking that everything that could possibly be said about the subject has already been covered. But after seeing candidate after candidate rejected based on what they had (and didn’t have) in their resumes, I realized it’s time for me to step up and share what I’ve observed over the years: Resume and job hunting secrets that might surprise you.

The Top 10 Mistakes Professionals Make When Looking for Work

Have you ever submitted a resume for a position but weren't called for an interview? You probably made one (or more) mistakes that scuttled your chance of landing the job. In this segment, Jack will discuss the top 10 mistakes professionals make when looking for work (whether contract, permanent or consulting), with proactive tips on how to avoid these pitfalls and increase your chances of landing that next job or contract.

Portfolios and Interview Strategies

Have you ever interviewed for a position you wanted but didn't get? Chances are you didn't achieve the four critical steps needed to receive a job offer. In this segment, Jack will show how a portfolio is not just a collection of graphs and reports, it is a tool you can use to control an interview and achieve specific objectives that result in a job offer. The segment includes what to put in a portfolio, how to get things to put in your portfolio, and most importantly, how to use your portfolio to ace a job interview.

Career Advancement Through Personal Branding

I recently went to a conference where attendees’ name tags included the phrase, ‘Ask me about… [then the answer attendees provided when registering].’ While the intent was to give attendees a way to break the ice when networking, I realized the whole concept of personal branding could be summarized by that simple statement, ‘Ask me about…’

How is your job viewed in your organization? Does your boss’s boss think of your department as a core part of the development team, or a burdensome commodity to be acquired at the lowest possible price given an acceptable level of quality?

What are you doing to promote your corporate value and advance your career?

What should people ask you about…?

Honing Your Workplace Negotiation Skills

We all find ourselves negotiating for what we want, whether we're trying to manage the scope of a project, negotiate a job offer, or ask for a raise.

Step 2: Pay

During this workshop you will practice how to successfully navigate a negotiation, including:

    • How to prepare for a pending negotiation

    • How to set the stage for success

    • How to get what you really want

    • When to cut your losses and start over elsewhere

Jack will draw on experience as both a buyer and seller of corporate services, and will share war stories from both sides of the negotiation table in this hands-on workshop on how to hone your workplace negotiation skills.

This final workshop of the day will give you the tools to get what you want in life, not what you are offered.

NOTE: All registrations are transferable but non-refundable.

A link for virtual participants will be sent 1 day before each events.

About Jack Molisani

Jack Molisani started his career as Project Officer in the Space Division of the United States Air Force managing $100M contracts, and is currently the president of ProSpring Technical Staffing, an employment agency specializing in engineers and technical writers: www.ProspringStaffing.com

Jack also produces The LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies. A hands-on content strategy workshop will be held in New Orleans on April 23–25, and the 11th annual LavaCon will be held October 21–23 in Portland, OR: www.lavacon.org

Note: Jack will raffle off a free entrance to a LavaCon event at the end of the meeting, so be sure to register for the drawing!