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The STC NY Metro Chapter is among the most diverse, dynamic, and innovative communities in the Society of Technical Communication worldwide. The chapter serves the greater New York metropolitan region where New York City is the hub for satellite communities stretching from eastern Long Island, Southwestern Connecticut, Westchester, and Hudson Valley in the north, to Northern New Jersey on the west.

In Q1 2020, New York became the epicenter of a global pandemic sweeping across North America. With the exception of the STC Alliance Competition, chapter priorities shifted to staying safe and preserving personal, family, and financial well-being. Like its members, STC NY Metro hit the pause button and went into survival mode. Pulsating, traffic-clogged streets, vibrant restaurants, and active conference rooms became a memory.

Lockdown became the backdrop for a new normal and ironically - a new shared narrative. Work - if we were lucky enough to retain a job - became a remote experience. Face-to-face became virtual. The persona of what was a chapter community changed entirely.

So here we are in Q1 2022. NY Metro is resilient and inclusive. We lead by example and invite you to participate. In addition to ramping up to co-host the STC Alliance Competition in September 2022, we're redesigning our website and rethinking how to connect and engage.

STC NY Metro is a proud member of the STC Alliance Competition.
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Congratulations to Aiessa Moyna, STC New York member and incoming STC International President 2022!

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Calling All Volunteers!
If you are a professional or a student, STC NY Metro seeks volunteers with innovative ideas and aspire to engage. Do you know the benefits of volunteering? Find out more.