04 MEDIDATA: The Architecture of Hope. Journey into Knowledge Spaces

Awards of Excellence and Merit

Medidata: The Architecture of Hope. Journey into Knowledge Spaces.


Contributors: Nitza Hauser, Jonathan Hodrick, Graham Foster, Jonathon Wilson, Matthew Muscat, and Anita GossettMedidata, a Dassault Company, (Informational/User Support), Presentation

Nitza Hauser

Nitza Hauser is currently Senior Director, Technical Content Strategy at Medidata Solutions. She has been a Technical Communicator for over a decade, and a freelance translator and system programmer prior to that. With a background in computer science, and having worked on some of the pioneering computers in the world as a system programmer, she brings her extensive experience in the software industry together with a global perspective to technical communication. Nitza has been at Medidata for the past 15 years and previously worked in the educational, hospitality and pharmaceutical software industries.

Nitza is passionate about good technical communication and about simplifying and automating processes so that writers can concentrate on what they do best - write! She is also a certified Scrum Master and an advocate for well-implemented Agile methodology. Nitza served as president of the STC NY Metro chapter during 2012-2014, and under her leadership the chapter went on to win numerous awards (Community of Excellence, Pacesetter, Most Improved Community, and Apex awards). Nitza currently serves on the NJIT Board of Visitors, and on the advisory commission for the BS in Professional and Technical Writing at New York City College of Technology.

Jonathan Hodrick joined Medidata in 2018 and serves as a technical writer for Medidata’s various data analytics and reporting applications. Coming from a background in engineering, computer science, educational technology, and game design, Jonathan loves absorbing technical ideas and simplifying them for the lay-reader.

Jonathan Hodrick
Graham Foster

Graham Foster joined Medidata in 2015 as an engineer in Customer Support before transferring to the Content Strategy team in 2019. Graham’s retraining as a technical author is the current step in a varied career in the pharmaceutical sector which covers lab scientist, software engineer, systems architect, helpdesk manager, and project manager.

Jonathon Wilson joined Medidata in 2015 and currently serves as the Technical Content Strategist for Cloud Administration, Audit Viewer, Rave Omics, and also helps support various backend services. Jonathon attended Auburn University for his BA in English Literature and pursued a MA in English Literature at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. While originally from Alabama, and most recently NYC, he now lives in Colorado with his wife Courtney, two chihuahuas Max and Midna, and two lazy cats Ned and Catlyn.

Jonathon Wilson

Matt Muscat has been a technical communicator for the last 34 years in the telecommunications and life sciences industries. He joined Medidata Solutions in 2013 and currently works as a Lead Technical Content Strategist. He submitted the first online help release of the Medidata Dashboard application to the 2019-2020 STC Alliance Competition and received an Award of Excellence. Matt is also the recipient of a 2017 STC Award of Excellence for the submission of the first online help release of Medidata's Risk Assessment Categorization Tool (RACT) application.

Matthew Muscat

Anita Gossett joined Medidata in 2018. She is an experienced technical writer and editor for documenting software used in the telecommunication and healthcare industries. Anita received a BA in Biology from Wilmington College and an MS in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She presented a paper titled "Collaboration - Transitioning to Topic-Based Authoring" at the CIDM Conference in Seattle, WA in 2014. Anita has been a member of the STC for over 25 years.

Anita Gossett