STC TechComm Roadshows

Mary Casull and Melinda Gjenasaj

Information Builders, Best of Show, Regional 2017
(Information Builders, 2017-18) WebFOCUS Upgrade Resource Center Jnformational

Brett Millar and Rebecca Firestone

Solarcity, Best of Show, Int'l., 2016
Material Hoist Instructional Video, Instructional

Judy Wyrick

Oak Ridge National Lab, Best of Show, Int'l 2014
Research Priorities for Tropical Systems Under Climate Change, Informational

Ann Rafferty

Los Alamos National Lab,

Best of Show, Int'l. 2013
Los Alamos National Laboratory External/Public Website, Informational

Emily Serna,

Price Waterhouse,

Best of Show, Int'l. 2012
The Road to Financial Wellness Workbook, User Support/Instructional-print