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The search for the most compelling technical communication continues.
What is the STC Alliance Competition? (2 min. video)
Deadline for Entries: September
30, 2022 (new!)

The STC Alliance Competition is proud of the support and impressive cumulative experience of our judges and team leaders who enjoy working in multi-chapter teams. Each year we train new judges and retrain together, and update our forms and processes. Join us again this year and indicate your interest.
Call for Judges 2022
Volunteer for other stuff (social media, marketing)

Is your current work a winner this year?

    • Did you or your company produce great technical instruction, information, user support, or promotional content for the web, multiple platforms, and mobile devices?

    • Was the content substantially revised within 24 months prior to September 1 of the current year? Help us recognize the best among us.

What will you receive?

  • Be one of the select few who have received the rebranded and coveted winners' badges as shown above. Use it proudly in your social media, signatures, and promotional material.

  • Receive objective feedback from a team of judges composed of peers and seasoned senior professionals. Whether you win an award or not, the assessments are valuable.