Brixton Town Hall

IN MEMORY OF THE STAFF AND EMPLOYEES OF THE LAMBETH BOROUGH COUNCIL WHO FELL IN THE GREAT WAR1914-1919Allard, G. O.Baker, A. G.Bradley, A. G.Chandler, C. W.Charlton, T. N.Clark, E. T.Clements, W. H.Cooper, C. H.Cox, J.Dean, W. C.Dudley, H. P.Fidler, F. W.Fielder, W. G.Giles, W. HHenley, A. W.Jenkin, W. H.Lee, J.Mayes, G.Moore, H. E.O'Leary, J. P.Ryder, T. J.Southey, C. W."LEST WE FORGET"